Every generation of women has a strong bond with their jewellery and values these precious possessions highly. In addition, the latest diamond jewellery is a crucial part of extravagant, glitzy, and colourful traditional apparel. 

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How to Choose the Best Diamond Buyers

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How to Choose the Best Diamond Buyers


Finding the best and most trustworthy diamond buyers near you can be a tough task. But thankfully, Diamond Mart is right here for you!

As a leading diamond specialist, Diamond Mart is known for its reputation as a diamond buyer in the international market. We know the ins and outs of the diamond market as a highly experienced diamond dealer, and will buy diamonds from you by the quickest & safest means possible. Our expert teams of diamond specialists and gemologists will ensure that you get the best price for your diamond jewellery in return!

What to Look for in a Diamond Buyer?

Knowing where to sell your diamonds and who the most profitable diamond buyers are can be an intimidating process, especially if you are new to this. Indeed, the workings of the pre-owned diamond market is extremely intricate, to say the least. Diamond buyers who lack experience in the market or valid credentials can easily get you duped.

But with a little research, even amateurs can find the best diamond buyers if they know where to look at. For instance, looking for the following in a diamond buyer can help!

  • Established diamond buyers with teams of experienced professionals like diamond specialists &gemologists will determine the real worth of your diamonds and offer you the best value price.
  • Diamond dealers who have been in the industry long enough to have an exhaustive knowledge of the market will most likely offer you the best price.
  • Buyers who partner with some of the world’s best diamond grading labs will ensure that your diamond has been thoroughly evaluated and you receive the price it is worth.

Diamond Mart’s decades-long experience in diamond buying and our accrued experience in the market makes us the safest place to sell your diamonds, minus the risks and plus the best returns!


Why Choose Diamond Mart as Your Diamond Buyer?

Features that set Diamond Mart apart from other diamond buyers and make us the best.

  • Quickest & Safest Transaction

Imagine selling your diamonds to an authentic diamond buyer and getting instant money! Sounds amazing, right? Diamond Mart makes this possible. We take the least possible time to evaluate your diamonds so that we can close deals within a matter of days and you receive your money within hours. Even better, you can sell your diamonds from the comfort of your home and receive your money right from your couch or bed!

Our online platform offers you one of the quickest and easiest methods to sell diamonds and earn money. All you need to do is send in your diamond jewellery details and our diamond experts will determine the best price for your jewellery. If you like the offer (we guarantee you will!), we will process the transaction immediately after going through some essential steps and have your money credited right to your bank account. Our quick & safe transaction process makes selling diamonds to the best diamond buyers completely hassle-free and seamless.

  • Guaranteed Security for Your Diamonds

Worried about whether selling your diamonds to an online diamond buyer is safe? No need to worry when Diamond Mart is your diamond buyer! We understand the monetary and sentimental value of your diamonds and take good care of them. Our trusted courier partner will pick up your diamond right from your doorstep and get it delivered to us.

When with us, your diamond will go through a thorough evaluation process with the best security practices in place. Our highly trained employees will make sure that no harm comes to your diamond jewellery when under our watch, even before we seal a deal. If for some reason, we do not reach a deal, your diamond will be returned to you under tight security.

  • Decades-long Experience

We aren’t just any other diamond buyer. We are one of the leading and most trusted diamond dealers in the world backed by experience spread over decades. We use our in-depth knowledge regarding the international diamond market as well as our expertise as diamond specialists to deliver a unique diamond selling experience unlike any other. We are truly committed to our customers and put in our best efforts to bring the best deals to the table, ensuring that you make the most benefit by selling your diamond to us.

  • Top Market Prices

Your diamond deserves the best, so do you! And here at Diamond Mart, we prioritise that above anything. Our diamond specialists and certified gemologists leverage their years of experience to evaluate your diamond inside and out. Not only do they verify your diamond’s authenticity but also identify its hidden charms & determine its selling points to offer you the highest price.

  • Full Transparency from the Beginning till the End

Why compromise on honesty on trust? By choosing Diamond Mart as your diamond buyer, you wouldn’t even have to worry about such things. Because trust, honesty, and reputation are our USPs! To make sure that we get back to you with the fairest pricing possible, we conduct a systematic procedure for evaluating diamonds. Our valuation of your diamond is completely transparent.

Above all, we make sure that multiple factors figure in our evaluation and determine the best price depending on them. Since every little detail about your diamond can influence the pricing, we go out of our way to consider each & everything and valuate only after each feature of your diamond jewellery has been examined.


How do We Determine the Best Price for Your Diamond?

There are several factors that can determine the price of your diamond jewellery. The most important of these are certain characteristics based on which diamonds are graded, and subsequently valuated. At Diamond Mart, we pay special attention to the 4Cs of your diamond, its fluorescence, jewellery setting, certification, and purchase history. By taking each of these factors in account, we estimate the best worth of your diamond in the pre-owned diamond market.


The 4Cs – carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut – are the holy grail of any diamond. Your diamond’s overall worth is directly influenced by these 4 factors.

  • Carat weight:

The carat weight is the most commonly used price determinant of a diamond. Carat refers to the diamond’s weight. It may also indicate the size of the diamond as the bigger the diamond is, the higher the carat weight will be. High carat weight thus makes the diamond more expensive. So, for example, if you will most likely get a higher price for a one carat diamond than you would while selling a 0.90 carat diamond. The pricing, however, does not depend on the carat weight alone, and other characteristics have to be taken into account.

  • Colour:

Like any experienced diamond specialists, Diamond Mart too pays attention to the colour of your diamond while determining its price. For example, fancy-coloured diamonds are usually priced higher than the sparkly white or colourless diamonds. Fancy-coloured diamonds come in different hues, such as yellow, pink, blue, green, and black. When fancy-coloured diamonds have a higher intensity, they are marked rarer and hence are more valuable & expensive.

The evaluation, however, takes place based on the standardized colour grades as categorized by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These include:

  1. Colour grades D, E, and F refer to colourless diamonds
  2. Colour grades G, H, I, and J refer to near-colourless diamonds
  3. Colour grades K, L, and M refer to slightly yellow-tinted diamonds
  4. Colour grades N, O, P, Q, and R refer to very pale-yellow diamonds
  5. Colour grades S to Z refer to light yellow diamonds
  6. Colours grades above Z refer to fancy-coloured diamonds
  • Clarity:

Clarity is an important determinant of the quality and price of a diamond. Hence, we take this under consideration while determining the best price for your diamond as well.

Clarity is measured by the level of inclusions and flaws present within a diamond. It is defined by standardized clarity grades, where a higher clarity grade means fewer imperfections & flaws in a diamond and hence, better quality and higher price.

We evaluate your diamond’s clarity based on the diamond clarity scale provided by GIA, which defines 11 specific grades across 6 categories:

  1. Flawless (FL) diamonds that have no inclusions and no blemishes visible under 10x magnification.
  2. Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds that have no inclusions visible under 10x magnification.
  3. Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2) diamonds which feature extremely slight inclusions barely visible under 10x magnification.
  4. Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2) diamonds that possess minor inclusions visible under 10x magnification.
  5. Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2) diamonds that have noticeable inclusions under 10x magnification.
  6. Included (I1, I2, and I3) diamonds which possess noticeable inclusions under 10x magnification and affect the transparency as well as the brilliance of the diamond.
  • Cut:

The cut, along with shape, is another critical factor not only in the appearance of a diamond but also its pricing. The cut create sparkles in the diamond, emphasizing its brilliance. The brilliance, in turn, impacts the value of the diamond.

While there are several types of diamond cuts – including the most common ones such as the brilliant cut, step cut, old world cut, and princess cut – we usually determine the value of your diamond based on the three cut grades as standardized by the GIA. These are:

  1. Good Cut, for diamonds that sparkle.
  2. Very Good Cut, for diamonds that reflect light better and sparkle more.
  3. Excellent Cut, for the most brilliantly-cut diamonds which are the most expensive.

Diamond Fluorescence

Along with the 4Cs, the fluorescence of a diamond is a vital determinant of its value when we buy it from you. Fluorescence of a diamond can be defined as its ability to emit a multicoloured glow under UV light exposure. How the fluorescence affects the diamond’s price is simple: a diamond with higher fluorescence will be priced lower than a diamond with lower or zero fluorescence.

Your Jewellery Setting

As an experienced diamond buyer, we also take your jewellery setting into account when estimating the worth of your diamond jewellery. For instance, if your setting is in gold, then we will evaluate the quality, purity, and value of the gold while determining the price as well. The same goes for diamonds set in platinum or silver. Other than the metal, we will also calculate the value of other stones set in the jewellery, be it diamonds or gemstones.

Your diamond’s history

Your diamond’s purchase history will also play an important part in our pricing. This will include the date of the purchase, the brand it was purchased from, the original price of the piece, and so on. If we find that your diamond jewellery is a vintage piece, we will include it in our evaluation and offer the best possible price accordingly.


Sell diamonds to Diamond Mart – the best diamond buyers

If you are looking for a reliable diamond buyer who knows the worth of your diamonds and is ready to pay the best price for them, then look no further than Diamond Mart – we will pay you the best price in exchange for your diamond jewellery!

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Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you choose a diamond buyer who is experienced and have trained professionals at their disposal to determine the best price for your diamond jewellery.
  • Do a little bit of research and select a reputed diamond buyer who has been in the international diamond market long enough and partners with the world’s most trusted diamond grading organisations.
  • Pick Diamond Mart as your diamond buyer to sell your diamond jewellery online at the best value from the comfort of home and earn money instantly.
  • Make sure the entire transaction is completely transparent. We at Diamond Mart make it possible!
  • We estimate the real worth of your diamond jewellery by taking several factors and characteristics into consideration, including diamond carat weight, cut, clarity, colour, fluorescence, jewellery setting, and purchase history.
  • Sell your diamond to an authority who is reliable, experienced, and capable of determining the real worth of your diamond and paying for it. For this, we are here for you!

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